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Photo of the Day

I can’t find all my Roz photos on my new computer! I could have sworn I put them on here. So strange. So right now, I’ve been taking some of the photos that I have uploaded on Facebook, which is quite a lot. Hopefully, I can recover those photos again. I am not sure where they are at the moment.

Love her dress in this photo. Also… I think I”m making this face right now! Haha

I know it’s just a screenshot, but I love this adorable pose between Roz and Fred MacMurray in “Flight for Freedom” (1943)

Roz, the Fashion Model

You know, I’ve always noticed that Roz wore clothes very well. You have no idea how many times I wished I could wear clothes as well as she could. I found some gorgeous publicity photos while searching the Web tonight. Just thought I’d share with you all!

“Take a Letter, Darling”

“Four’s a Crowd”

“Flight for Freedom”

“What a Woman!”

And just for fun… here’s a photo of Roz with her husband Freddie. I love this picture!