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A Farewell to Classic Actress Tourney 2013

Dear readers,

I have had so much fun co-hosting this tournament this year. In fact, I think I had more fun this year than last year, my first time at bat. I think this is because I knew more about my duties and what I am supposed to do as a co-host, as well as the fact that I hosted the same 1940s decade as last year, which is also my favorite decade of film.

As you all know, this is a blog dedicated to Rosalind Russell, and while she did not even make it past Round 1 (tear!), I hope she will do better in the future. I have always considered Rosalind a severely underrated actress, even though she was nominated for an Oscar four times and nominated for a Golden Globe five times (and won every time!). However, the truly remarkable thing about Roz is her true personality and real self. From what I know of her, I think of her as a rather selfless person who would give so much of her time away from her “day job” as actress, wife, and mother to charities. The only Oscar she received was not for her acting work, but for her charity work. I just started writing this freely as words came to my mind, so now that this is in the front of my mind, I’d like to share with you Roz’s acceptance speech of that lone Oscar, which was so special and sweet to her and to her fans, I am sure. This video always makes me tear up a little because she had been so ill at the time (from her cancer, perhaps, but mostly from her rheumatoid arthritis, for which she had to take cortisone shots that disfigured her figure and bloated her face). Take a look!

And once again, I would like to thank Monty of All Good Things for asking me to co-host the tournament this year and I hope to make a good impression next year as well. I hope everyone had a good time voting for their favorite actresses, even if some were surprised by the results. It was such good fun! Until next year!

Better luck next year, Roz! We love you!
Here is the video: