I love finding new photos

So… I was browsing, looking for some photos of Roz I perhaps hadn’t seen before… and I found some I really like 🙂 

Thought I’d share some of them on here… Just so you all know, I love any photo of her with her husband/family. Love!

With her husband, Freddie, 1949
Right after they got married, 1941. Note the U.S. flag on the left and the Danish flag on the right.
Giving her 3 1/2-year-old son, Lance, a bath
Publicity photo for “No Time For Comedy” with James Stewart (who doesn’t love him, right?) 

7 thoughts on “I love finding new photos”

  1. I love all the pictures, they are really beautiful, all the pictures with Freddie are great, he adds something very special with his smile, his eyes!
    The picture with Lance is adorable. I remember having the same bathtub when I was a child.
    The last 2 pictures are breathtaking and prove that ROz was not only a brilliant actress, but a beauty, too 🙂

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Irina 🙂

    I just adore all photos with her family…. They never fail to cause me to say “Awww!” Along with Roz, I love all pictures of Freddie!! He was cute. And Lance was super adorable, kinda looking like a mini Freddie.

    And I agree with that statement… and she was not only funny on screen, but was always beautiful! And there weren’t a lot of actresses like that.

  3. These photos are awesome! I, too, love the photos of her with her husband and family. I just recently found your blog and I’m so glad I did! Rosalind Russell is my favorite actress hands-down. I’ve been reading and watching everything I can about her. I just ordered her autobiography online and can’t wait to read it. She was a great lady.

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