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  1. That’s a very difficult question, Desiree. I love “His Girl Friday”, of course, it was the first movie I saw from her, the dialog is so clever and witty, and she and Cary are so much fun together = instant classic. I love “My Sister Eileen” & “The women”, she’s just brilliant and hilarious; and of course I love her performance in “Picnic”, “Auntie Mame” & “The trouble with angels”, in which she managed to be funny but at the same time perfectly give the dramatic quality her roles needed (well maybe in “Picnic” her character wasn’t funny after all, the situation of her character was plain sad).

    So I couldn’t pick just one 🙂 But if you put a gun on my head, I’d say “His girl Friday” 🙂

    Keep rockin’

  2. Thank you so much for your reply, Clara!!! I know how difficult it is 🙂 There are many great ones. I can always give a #1 favorite and a #2, but after that, it is difficult for me because there are so many great ones. I always tell people if they want to see her really act (she’s not just funny), they should see Picnic, even though it’s not a starring role. I was blown away by that one.

    Thanks again for the comment. Maybe I should put up a poll and make you pick one of a few, haha!

  3. After HGF and AM, I have to say Trouble with Angels was disappointing – just very slow paced by comparison. Still, anything with Roz is worth a watch – I liked her in Gypsy.

  4. that’s a difficult question des… i love all of her films that i was able to watch but maybe for me the best is Auntie Mame, then His Girl Friday and so on and so on… LOL

  5. @ Nick: Gypsy is actually my 2nd favorite Roz film. Maybe that is surprising, but I loved the way she interpreted the character and what her personality brought to it.

    @Noreene: Sorry it is so difficult, haha, but I wanted to know 😉 Good choices! Haha

    @April: Glad to see you chose My Sister Eileen as one of your faves. It’s one of mine, too. How did you see “Rosie!”? I haven’t been able to find it. It’s one of the 4 Roz films I still haven’t seen.

  6. I got “Rosie!” off of eBay a maybe like, 3 or 4 years ago. It wasn’t a bad price. I can’t at all remember how much it actually was. It had to have been less than $20 or else I wouldn’t have bought it! It’s a VHS version, and definitely not a great one. It’s watchable though, and that’s all I cared about. It’s a really cute movie! I’m surprised it wasn’t more popular. I would totally have my kids watch it.

    What other four films haven’t you seen of hers? I haven’t seen “The President Vanishes”, “It Had to Happen”, “The Girl Rush” (dying to see that one!), and “The Crooked Hearts”. So that’s four as well. Same ones? Haha.

  7. Ohhh, maybe I will be able to find it on eBay…. but I hope the VHS version isn’t the only one available. I have no VCR at all, only DVD players. So that wouldn’t work for me! I really would love to see it… especially to see her and Brian Aherne again.

    The ones I haven’t seen are “The President Vanishes,” “Oh, Dad, Poor Dad….” (this one someone sent me on YouTube, I just need to see it), “Rosie,” of course, and “The Crooked Hearts.” So we have two of the same 😛 The Girl Rush I saw recently because it is now on Netflix! You should get Netflix, if you haven’t already, if you want to see it 🙂 It’s good quality too.

    Ooooh, yes, I just adore it, too. Wonderful Town, her TV broadcast of the Broadway show (musical adaptation of My Sister Eileen) is now on YouTube and it’s such a treat. Check it out!

  8. I love her and Brian Aherne together.

    “Oh, Dad, Poor Dad…” is so stupid, haha. She’s CRAZY in it. I like it enough though XD

    I do have Netflix! OMG. So watching it tonight!!

    I actually own a VHS version of her “Wonderful Town” TV broadcast. I was freaking having laughing convulsions as I was watching it. It was that exciting for me 😉 She’s so funny.

  9. Haha, trust me, I know it sounds stupid, but after all, it is Roz, so who cares xD haha! I mean, The Girl Rush was not good, but I liked it anyway haha.

    Yay, good thing you have Netflix!

    Ahhhh, sometimes I wish I had a VCR….. seems you can’t get any of those on DVD. It’s the same thing for me… I would say I had a similar reaction. I was sooo excited that I got to see it 😀 When I was watching it, I was like, I LOVE HER! Why is she so amazing? haha

  10. It has to be Night Must Fall. Oh I know, it’s Bob’s movie but Roz is my favorite of his leading ladies. I adored them together. And by the way, You have a new fan. LOVE your blog! I love Roz!

  11. Night Must Fall is great… It’s a marvelous film. I adored them together too. I made a video tribute to them, but I haven’t been able to find it since my YouTube account got deleted. Thank you, new fan! 😉

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