Trip to L.A.

Hello, everyone. Well, I went up to L.A. this weekend, starting on Thursday and came back yesterday afternoon. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two online friends who are classic movie fans like me. I have known them almost a year and it was an amazing experience I will never forget! 

While I was there, I saw several things related to Roz–her grave, her house, her footprints and handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, her star on the Walk of Fame, and the church she went to, which was down a few blocks from her house. It was really fun and here are some pictures of those things…

And YES, this huge thing is all Roz’s grave!

15 thoughts on “Trip to L.A.”

  1. How exciting!! It sounds like you had a great time! I need to go back to LA and visit some Ida sites. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of hers last time I was there.

  2. @Jean: Yes, unfortunately, the last time I was there, I wasn’t a fan of Roz’s, but this time, it was just even better than any other time because I was with people who were also classic movie fans…. so I didn’t feel I was forcing them to go to all these places. They were more than glad to.

    @April: Ahhhh, great!!!! I hope you make it over here soon and see all these things 🙂

    @Clara: I hope you do come someday…. I took many pictures, these are just some of the Roz ones. haha. And thanks… I took about 200!

  3. Oh, also, I forgot to add…. I went to the most amazing store ever in Hollywood, which is full of stills (you can go up to the counter and ask for all the pictures they have of a certain actor/actress) and screenplays, books on classic movies/actors, posters, vintage movie magazines… it was heaven 🙂 I bought 4 stills of Roz with her son and the Auntie Mame screenplay.

  4. Great pics! Yeah I think I know what store you’re talking about. I bought a photo of Jimmy Stewart there. The guy pulled out a whole file folder with photos to choose from!

  5. @Tom: Yessss, exactly what he did for Roz and for Irene Dunne for my friends…. the file folder on Roz was much thicker though… 😛

    @Monty: Yes, we had an amazing time…. I hope you do make it out here.

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