Rosalind Russell Marathon on TCM

They are showing a marathon of Roz’s movies tomorrow (05/25) from 6:15  am EST (3:15 am PST) to 8 pm EST (5 pm PST). I’m in! Are you? 🙂 I consider this marathon a treat after working so hard at school, haha! They are playing a great lineup of films, in my opinion:

6:15 am EST/3:15 am PST

Four’s a Crowd

8:00 am EST/5:00 am PST

Fast and Loose:

9:30 am EST/6:30 am PST

My Sister Eileen:

11:15 am EST/8:15 am PST

Sister Kenny:

1:15 pm EST/10:15 am PST

Never Wave at a WAC:

2:45 pm EST/11:45 am PST

Auntie Mame:

5:15 pm EST/2:15 pm PST

A Majority of One:

Unfortunately, I can’t technically be there during the entire marathon real time because I live in the west coast 😉 Kind of early! Haha, but I will watch as much as possible and these are great films, even my absolute favorite (AUNTIE MAME).

2 thoughts on “Rosalind Russell Marathon on TCM”

  1. wow… you are going to have so much of her! tha´s great! The only film I watched with her was The Women. She was the only one (besides JOan and Norma) that got my attention in a powerful way.. she was so funny!

  2. Yes, one of my favorites is about to play… I’ve watched it with Irina before… My Sister Eileen! She is very funny in this film 🙂 I’m glad youvé seen the Women… Roz was really hilarious in that one 😉 haha

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