WOW, three upsets here, I have to say! Things like this just make this tournament more exciting, really.

Vivien Leigh, who won the entire 1940s era, last year, unfortunately lost to Gene Tierney. I was very shocked to see this, but what a fight Gene put up and won, too!

Two other upsets occurred with Olivia de Havilland beating out Katharine Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall beating Ingrid Bergman. However, the reigning drama queen, Bette Davis, beat her opponent, as was expected.

These are the final vote counts for this part of the tournament:

Vivien Leigh vs. Gene Tierney 44-51
Ingrid Bergman vs. Lauren Bacall 37-54
Bette Davis vs. Joan Fontaine 58-39
Katharine Hepburn vs. Olivia de Havilland 44-54

P.S. FUNNY LADIES/GIRLS NEXT DOOR and SINGERS/DANCERS polls for Round 2 will be up tomorrow =)

2 thoughts on “SOPHISTICATES and DRAMA QUEENS Round 2 Results”

  1. aww dear Joan Fontaine =( but even though I am not a big fan of Olivia, I am glad she won this time.
    And good for Lauren Bacall, too.
    Aww, sorry for Vivien!! That was really a surprise!

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