Photo of the Day – Happy wednesday!

After a rough several days, I am back to my chipper self (at least for the time being)… I feel a sense of relief and peace with myself after experiencing a few things personally… and here I am again to share a couple photos that I hope you will like 🙂

I chose this because I looove Jimmy Stewart and when Roz is with him, it’s even better! They are just adorable together and funny, too. They were good friends in real life and I know he said a few words at her funeral.

I had to share this not just because Roz is being her usual goofy self having fun with her friend Robert Montgomery, but because a lot of my friends just love Irene Dunne and it’s so nice to see them together (and by the way, Irene looks as lovely and charming as ever here).

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Happy wednesday!”

  1. I love Jimmy Stewart as well but I haven’t seen them together in film yet :(. Love candid photo’s like the 2nd shot. Hope your having a great day :).

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