Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry it took so long, but I have finally decided to display my first blogger award, which Alyssa gave to me. Again, I sincerely apologize to Alyssa for not displaying this wonderful award sooner. I keep falling into ruts in life and I really want to get going with everything, especially my blog.

What was included in the rules for receiving this award is to list seven facts about myself and then to pass the award onto 11 other versatile bloggers.

7 Facts About Myself:

1.       I have a minor in French and French was always my favorite subject from high school onward.

2.       I love cats, but have never owned one.

3.       I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media

4.       I won the spelling bee in 2nd grade.

5.       My favorite TV show is “I Love Lucy.”

6.       My favorite singer is P!nk.

7.       I love to make tribute videos for my favorite actresses. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.

I will award this award to some of my favorite bloggers:

1.      1. Monty of ALL GOOD THINGS

2.       2. Irene of And Then They Start to Sparkle

3.       3. Serch of CINEPHILIA
5.       4. KC of Classic Movies
6.       5. Rupert of Classic Movies Digest

7.       6. Jennifer of Films of Yesterday


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