DRAMA QUEENS and ALL-AMERICAN GIRLS Upcoming Matches tonight, 3/6!

Here are the matches that will appear tonight in the polls on my sidebar to the right:


Rita Hayworth
Born 1913
Known for: Gilda
Eve Arden
Born 1917
Known for: Anatomy of a Murder

Loretta Young
Born 1913
Known for: The Bishop’s Wife
Hedy Lamarr
Born 1913
Known for: Samson and Delilah

Rosalind Russell
Born 1907
Known for: His Girl Friday
Maureen O’Hara
Born 1920
Known for: Miracle on 34th Street

Lucille Ball
Born 1911
Known for: The Big Street


Betty Grable
Born 1916
Known for: How to Marry a Millionaire


Gene Tierney
Born 1920
Known for: Laura


Carole Landis
Born 1919
Known for: I Wake Up Screaming

Lauren Bacall
Born 1924
Known for: The Big Sleep


Linda Darnell
Born 1923
Known for: A Letter to Three Wives

Ida Lupino
Born 1918
Known for: High Sierra


Veronica Lake
Born 1922
Known for: Sullivan’s Travels

Jane Greer
Born 1924
Known for: Out of the Past


Claire Trevor
Born 1910
Known for: Murder, My Sweet

4 thoughts on “DRAMA QUEENS and ALL-AMERICAN GIRLS Upcoming Matches tonight, 3/6!”

  1. Tons of these photos are credited as the wrong actress! You have Katherine Hepburn labeled as Lucille Ball! I mean, c’mon! Make an effort! And that’s just one of nearly ten I noticed just by looking.

    1. Hi Jared… this is an old post… they were correctly labeled when I did the post…but I use the html in this post (because it is a neat table that is good for these tournaments) as a guide for future tournaments… and those are the labels I used for the most recent tournament. I hope you understand that. By the way, you spelled Katharine Hepburn wrong.

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