greta garbo jeanette macdonald myrna loy barbara stanwyck

Classic Actress Tournament has returned! Here is what I have in store for you!

greta garbo jeanette macdonald myrna loy barbara stanwyck
Graphic by Josie Miller
For the first time since I’ve been co-hosting this tournament (this is my third year), I will be doing the magnificent, magical 1930s decade! And here are the ladies who will be competing this Sunday, March 2nd… The next batch of actresses will compete the following Thursday, 3/6. The polls should be up by late morning, Pacific Standard Time.


Greta Garbo
Born 1905
Known for: Ninotchka
Fay Wray
Born 1907
Known for: King Kong

Kay Francis
Born 1905
Known for: Trouble in Paradise
Miriam Hopkins
Born 1902
Known for: Trouble in Paradise

Ruth Chatterton
Born 1892
Known for: Dodsworth
Sylvia Sidney
Born 1910
Known for: Sabotage

Ann Dvorak
Born 1912
Known for: Scarface


Anita Page
Born 1910
Known for: The Broadway Melody


Myrna Loy
Born 1905
Known for: The Best Years of Our Lives


Marie Dressler
Born 1868
Known for: Dinner at Eight

Constance Bennett
Born 1904
Known for: Topper


Margaret Dumont
Born 1882
Known for: Duck Soup

Jean Arthur
Born 1900
Known for: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Maureen O’Sullivan
Born 1911
Known for: Tarzan the Ape Man

Jean Harlow
Born 1911
Known for: The Public Enemy


Una Merkel
Born 1903
Known for: 42nd Street

5 thoughts on “Classic Actress Tournament has returned! Here is what I have in store for you!”

  1. Got the complete ’30s pairings yet? If so, please send them my way at (Plan to do an entry on this for tomorrow, even though Carole Lombard, having won the title, is ineligible to compete. Hey, it’s only fair.) Best wishes.

    administrator, Carole & Co.

  2. What great fun, I can’t wait to vote for Marie Dressler. Marie is known best for comedy but she was also a great dramatic actress. And talk about faces, there’s a face that won’t soon be forgotten, at least I hope not.

    1. I hope you have fun voting in the tournament! Also, don’t forget to vote for Roz in the 1940s era. I will post the link to that blog on Sunday 😀

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