Rosalind Russell and Barbara Stanwyck

Someone posted this photo of Rosalind Russell with the well-respected and talented actress, Barbara Stanwyck. There is a soldier in between them as they chat who doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself. I think this photograph is a treasure!

rosalind russell barbara stanwyck soldier hollywood canteen
Rosalind Russell, a lucky soldier, and Barbara Stanwyck probably at the Hollywood Canteen… this photo is such a treasure!

5 thoughts on “Rosalind Russell and Barbara Stanwyck”

  1. That is NOT, no way, Barbara Stanwyck on the right. Not even a slight resemblance, whoever she was!

    1. My very humble apologies. I’ve been studying the photo, and after a long time and close examination, I can recognize Ms. Stanwyck’s teeth. That said, it certainly doesn’t look like her! Again, my apologies; I’m always quick to admit when I’m wrong!

      1. That is okay, Ed. Feel free to correct anything you find fault with. She looks like Barbara to me, but that’s just me lol

  2. Des, I agree this is a great picture. It’s wonderful to see two these two great actresses together and obviously having a good time. The sailor is delightful & I’m sure this was a special moment for him.
    I also wanted to say that the candid photo of Roz & Fredrick you used in your tribute to their marriage is terrific and made even better when you see Bette Davis in the background. Wouldn’t it have been interesting to see Roz & Bette co-starring in a movie although I don’t think there would ever be a screen big enough for those two MEGA STARS.

    1. Can you imagine Roz and Bette in a movie together? haha, what a thought. They were both so great. The one with Bette in the background is actually my favorite picture of Roz & Freddie. I love everything about that picture!

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