classic actress tournament collage

Winners of Round 3 and Semi-final matches for tomorrow 3/22!

Here are the winners of Round 3 and the actresses who will compete in the semi-finals! 🙂 And once again, here are the links to the other blogs to vote…. open this afternoon.
Winner of the Song and Dance category: DEBBIE REYNOLDS 46-5 vs. Judy Holliday
debbie reynolds
Winner of the Drama Queens category: ELEANOR PARKER 30-21 vs. Anne Baxter
eleanor parker
Winner of the A Touch of Class category: AUDREY HEPBURN 34-24 vs. Grace Kelly
audrey hepbburn
Winner of the Box Office Smashes category: DORIS DAY 30-26 vs. Janet Leigh
doris day


Debbie Reynolds
Born 1932
Known for: Singin’ in the Rain
Doris Day
Born 1922
Known for: The Man Who Knew Too Much


Eleanor Parker
Born 1922
Known for: The Sound of Music


Audrey Hepburn
Born 1929
Known for: Breakfast at Tiffany’s