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Classic Actress Tournament 2015 – Round 1, Part 2

Here are the results of Round 1, Part 1:
Winner: DEBBIE REYNOLDS 46-6 vs. Lena Horne
debbie reynolds
Winner: CYD CHARISSE 33-17 vs. Kathryn Grayson
cyd charisse
Winner: JUDY HOLLIDAY 35-17 vs. Jane Powell
judy holliday
Winner: JUNE ALLYSON 42-9 vs. Dorothy Dandridge
june allyson
Winner: AUDREY HEPBURN 46-5 vs. Anna Magnani
audrey hepburn
Winner: DEBORAH KERR 39-15 vs. Sophia Loren
deborah kerr
Winner: GRACE KELLY 42-11 vs. Lee Remick
grace kelly
Winner: SUSAN HAYWARD 35-20 vs. Lana Turner
susan haywardNow we start the second part of round 1!
These are the links to vote in the other decades:
Here are the matches to take place on this blog…. you can vote in the sidebar:


Eleanor Parker
Born 1922
Known for: The Sound of Music
VS Carroll Baker
Born 1931
Known for: Baby Doll
Gloria Grahame
Born 1923
Known for: Oklahoma!
VS Eva Marie Saint
Born 1924
Known for: North by Northwest
Joanne Woodward
Born 1930
Known for: The Three Faces of Eve
VS Jennifer Jones
Born 1919
Known for: The Song of Bernadette
Kim Novak
Born 1933
Known for: Vertigo
VS Anne Baxter
Born 1923
Known for: All About Eve


Doris Day
Born 1922
Known for: The Man Who Knew Too Much
VS Shirley Booth
Born 1898
Known for: Come Back, Little Sheba
Thelma Ritter
Born 1902
Known for: Rear Window
VS Jane Russell
Born 1921
Known for: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Marilyn Monroe
Born 1926
Known for: Some Like it Hot
VS Shelley Winters
Born 1920
Known for: Lolita
Janet Leigh
Born 1927
Known for: Psycho
VS Sandra Dee
Born 1942
Known for: Imitation of Life