Roz Accepting Award for Helen Hayes

Yesterday, I found new footage of Roz I had never seen. It is from the year 1971 and she accepts an award for Helen Hayes, who was not present. She says a few words and is charming as always. You can catch a glimpse of her husband, too, who is sitting next to her. If you haven’t seen this clip yet, enjoy!

Roz Accepting Award for Helen Hayes – 1971

Sorry, I guess I’m not an expert on attaching a video, here’s the link 😉 Toodles!

2 thoughts on “Roz Accepting Award for Helen Hayes”

  1. you just click “share” on youtube but I just checked this video and whoever posted it doesn’t allow people to re-post this particular video anywhere else U.U

    Yay for updating your blog =)

  2. Yeah I wasn’t able to upload it… haha. So I have the link anyway 🙂

    And I say yay too…. finally I said something 🙂

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