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Rosalind Russell: In Memoriam (June 4, 1907-November 28, 1976)

rosalind russell
Rosalind Russell (June 4, 1907-November 28, 1976)

Remembering Rosalind Russell today, who passed away on November 28, 1976. Just like three years ago, the anniversary of her passing once again falls on Thanksgiving. Roz is my favorite actress and my idol. Ever since I saw Auntie Mame and The Women in late 2009, she has fascinated me. Some people say I am her biggest fan and I even have a website dedicated to her. I have not been a fan very long, but I can’t imagine admiring another actress as much. She had that amazing ability to make you laugh until your ribs hurt and make you cry sometimes in the same movie. Not every actress can do that, although I know of several talented actresses who can. She had a way about her that let everyone around her know that her philosophy in life was to live life to the fullest, carrying her head high and a smile on her face. It is that philosophy that made me adore her more and more as I read more about her in the infancy of my fandom. I think she is a marvelous actress, but more importantly, she was a wonderful human being who gave much of her time to charities near and dear to her. This charitable work included causes for infantile paralysis and for arthritis. It is not always well-known, but she worked tirelessly for a cure for arthritis long before she came down with rheumatoid arthritis in the early 1970s. Above all, she had a sense of humor, no matter what she may have been suffering through—and with RA and breast cancer hitting her in her later years, she was a very strong woman. Strong, intelligent, witty, beautiful, joyful, entertaining, a loving wife and mother, talented, kind, charitable. These are words that describe Rosalind Russell, and so many more can be used. I do not think she was perfect, but I thought she was a tremendously admirable human being. Rest in peace, Miss Russell <3

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  1. Des, this is a heartfelt and moving tribute to Rosalind Russell. The article is enhanced by the beautiful photo montage, my compliments.
    Of interest to all who enjoyed Roz’s autobiography, Life is a Banquet, is the sad news that her co-author Chris Chase died 5 Nov 2013. Here is a link to her NY Times obituary, she is a fascinating person in her own right. As always, thank you. Holly

    1. Thank you, Holly, for reading my tribute to Roz on her death anniversary. I am sad to hear of Chris Chase’s passing. I had no idea. 🙁

  2. Rosalind Russell was a talented artist as well as a true humanitarian. As a child I used to watch her films with my dad and now as an adult
    I have introduced them to my husband and son. And still I can laugh until my sides hurt and the tears stream down my cheeks.

    May God grant her eternal rest, but I don’t think she will stand for it. She loved people too much.

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