Congratulations to Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald


Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald have won the Classic Couples Tournament, congratulations to them! Never in my experience have I seen an individual (in this case, a duo) garner so many votes in every single round in a tournament, especially this last round…

They knocked out favorites Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers with  85 votes to their 31… has been a crazy tournament for sure! Now back to strictly Roz for a while, haha… 🙂

Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald”

  1. great competition….lots of great talent…the greatest of all to my mind won the wonderful Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy…thank you to the organisers…you did a great jobxx

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